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Gender:: Female
Age:: Nineteen
Location:: CT
Status:: In A Relationship
Birthday:: 09.02.
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Sign:: Virgo

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Credit for the header:: floatingclouds
Style:: Ashlee Simpson
The Layout was made entirley by me. With the exception of the Lovley header. I made the other stuff with Paint and Paint express, because I am deprived and do not have PSP. But yes I made the layout, It is Ashlee Simpson/Grey. And I hope you like it. <3

You think you know me
Word on the street
is that you do
You want my history
What others tell
you won't be true
I walked a thousand miles
while everyone was asleep
Nobody's really seen
my million subtleties
Got stains on my t-shirt
and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo,
but that will be
changing eventually,
oh Got bruises on my heart
and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto,
want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me
I hear you talking
Well, it's my turn now
I'm talking back
Look in my eyes
So you can see just where I'm at
I walked a thousand miles
to find one river of peace
I walked a million more
to find out what
this shit means
Got stains on my t-shirt
and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo,
but that will be
changing eventually,
oh Got bruises on my heart
and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto,
want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me
I'm a bad ass girl in
this messed up world
I'm the sexy girl in
this crazy world
I'm a simple girl in
a complex world
A nasty girl,
you wanna get with me?
You wanna mess with me?
Got stains on my t-shirt
and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo,
but that will be
changing eventually, oh
I laugh more than I cry
You piss me off, good-bye
Got bruises on my heart
and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto,
want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

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It's Fatal You Know. [(Sun. Jan. 25. 09. .)]
[ mood | blank ]

Sooo I have not used my LJ in forever, no one reads my thing anymore lol which is to be expected but I feel as though having this will be benficial for me. I had no idea I had updated sooo recently. I do not remember posting that at all.  So that kind of screws up what I had planned to write today lol.

But ummm.... I recently got promoted at Eblens to 3rd key which is reallt exciting. However .. not so exciting. My D.M. has no faith in me and thinks I am too immature. I wish I could pull him aside and be like you know what? With the hell I have been through I am really happy that I mantain a happy or silly outlook on life. I am glad that instead of being upset all the time I push it aside and still have a good time. umm, I got the job at Forever 21 and am hopefully going to get the Merchandising position. I want it soooo bad! I quit Hollister and yes I am staying at Victoria's Secret. Hoping to here back from Coach... I guess.

Tuesday I should be registering my car! yay That will change things significantly, making my life a little easier! yayyyy lol okay will write back.


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It's Been a While... [(Tue. Nov. 18. 08. .)]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I have so much to get off my chest. Its been 2 years since I have updated and I am excited to use this as a haven for all the emotion I am going through right now. I think it will help a great deal to pour my emotions somewhere.

First & foremost, Jonathan & I are no longer together. 3 years & it's over. We broke up early this summer. It's difficult to adjust my life to not being with him. I handled it very well at first & I have only cried twice. I thought I was going to be a train wreck but I think I am okay because I am content with the fact that I love him & will always always always love him but we cannot be together. We broke up because I cheated on him when I was drunk for the first time at a party. I did not do anything, I just let someone do things to me. I told him after the fact and... it's just hard to be responsible for the relationship coming to an end. I do realize it is much more than just that incident that caused the ending of our relationship but it's just that there is so many memories. But I am okay.

Secondly, I moved back into my Mom's upon the ending of our relationship. I was not grimey & continued to pay rent out Me & Jonathan's apartment. But I was working 2 jobs, around 80 hours a week and my mother insisted on giving me a curfew. I am 19 years old, responsible, working & wants (yes wants) to go back to school. Somehow I got kicked out. I don't know. So... I moved to the Phillippines to live with my father and go to school. Which was a terrible experiance as well because of so many reasons. The danger level, the lack of respect for women, the poverty. So many reasons... so I came home after 2 months.

So I am back home, I am living with my boyfriend Lemek & trying to get back on my feet. I feel broken down & stressed. I feel so helpless & I know I can make it through this but it's just so hard. I don't know.

I will write again later.

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Hello Hello [(Wed. Jun. 14. 06. .)]
[ mood | sore ]

Hey guys, whats up?


I just got out of work. WOOH McDONALDSSSS!!!! lol oh lordy lordy I hate that job with a passion. lol you don't even knowww. It just sucks because I dont totally fit in with the group of people I work with it but I hafta just suck it up and be okay with it. I mean of course I'll stick up for myself but DAMN man people piss me off so much and I have def. gotten a lot meaner since Ive been working there cause I just don't like dealing with peoples shit anymore. It makes me sick man. But I just hafta be gangster with it " with my mind on my money & my money on my mind" & then its not so hard.

In other news. I miss my hebron pals, so you guys knowww. I still love you muchos.

Oh and Junior & Senior prom passed, I attended both and had fun. I only have a picture from junior prom with Eric though, so you guys can look since I have my handy dandy scanner now.

I had fun at these dances but the parties on the weekends is WHERE ITS AT BITCHES.
haha but ummm what else?
welll me and the love of my life are doing splendidy.

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Hey there Gorgeous. ♥ [(Thu. May. 11. 06. .)]
[ mood | aggravated ]

alright so I have problems, lol seriously though there is something wrong with me and its not fair to my boyfriend at all. 
I am being a terrible girlfriend and losing patience with him and its not right. I changed so much in the past year and i dont know if I like the person I have come to be. I get angry more, I yell a lot, Im impatient, I dont laugh as much. I miss being that laid back, never gets mad, always smiling Michelle that everyone knew. The only good thing that had come is my confidence and not being such a door mat but I have gone too far and i need to change the thing I have become cause I dont like myself too much right now. 

itllalwaysbeyou: but i need to figure out whats wriong with me tho
itllalwaysbeyou: seriously
itllalwaysbeyou: ive been SO mean to jon and im so lucky he hasnt gotten tired of it yet
itllalwaysbeyou: i dont know why im acting liek this but it needs to stop
itllalwaysbeyou: and i need to find happiness again, im in a slum and it sucks
itllalwaysbeyou: i have nothing to be sad about and yet i am. GODDD this sucks
itllalwaysbeyou: he was like u knwo that when ur mean to me u can get away with it cause i wont leave you so u take it out on me... and it sucks
liveforthefun151: what could you possibly have to be mad about
liveforthefun151: ?
liveforthefun151: that does suck
liveforthefun151: lets look at this
itllalwaysbeyou: i dont know
itllalwaysbeyou: like i am mad about things
itllalwaysbeyou: that i know about
liveforthefun151: stop for 2 seconds
liveforthefun151: and listen
itllalwaysbeyou: but theres NOreason for me to be so angry and eman
itllalwaysbeyou: okay
liveforthefun151: You are a good person, you have a good heart, you make good decisions
liveforthefun151: no talking
itllalwaysbeyou: but
liveforthefun151: you have a vast number of people who truely love you with all thy've got
liveforthefun151: no buts
liveforthefun151: you are in love with someone who loves you deeply enough to last for the rest of your lives
liveforthefun151: you're incredibly smart
liveforthefun151: you have a bright future in your relationship and in whatever profession you persue
itllalwaysbeyou: thanks matty
liveforthefun151: stop  i'm not done

I am so mad about so many things and its ridiculous. I am a gorown woman that needs to learn to handle her problems better cause its not fair to those around me. NOTE TO SELF: NO MORE BEING MAD. (everyone will love you more). I love LiveJournal cause it is such a good way to vent about your own life and a therapudic thng i am hoping i will be able to act better with the help of livejournal. wooooooo lets hope so for me and for Jonathan. okay so I am gunna try my best to change my actions. wish me luck...

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What is love? A kiss on a rainy day, a smile that won't go away. [(Sun. Apr. 30. 06. .)]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey Guys, wow it's been FOREVER. But I have come to realize how therapudic (spelling?) writing in livejournal can be so I think I'm back or at least I'm gunna try to keep up with this. But since my 16th birthday (my last post) things have changed drastically.

1. I have grown up & changed a lot
2. I am in love.
3. Justin, do you remember Justin? has left for the Marines.
4. I got a job... at Mickey D's. lmao.
5. I am graduating Junior yr really soon.
6. My major is going to be Accounting.
7. I died my hair a little bit
8. My Style has changed a lot.
9. I have a lot of new friends.
10. I have found self confidence.
11. I have a Myspace.

I have a lot going on right now and I know writing about it will help me a lot. Cause it used to a lot when I wrote in here. lol Myspace doesn't quite do the same. But as far as activities right now. Junior & Senior Prom are coming soon & I will be attending both. I hafta wait for my dress to come back from the Phillipines where it is getting made. I really hope it fits correcty becauseeeeee It is arriving back 4 days before Prom. lol so it really has to fit. for real.

Other than that Exams are coming. JEEZ this year is ALMOST over & so much has happened. but I know nobody likes to read long long long annoying entries so I'll leave all that stuff out for now. alright show me some love darlings. I've missed you.

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